Austin Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant Surgeons offer men the latest Hair Transplant techniques available today. This procedure transfers healthy hair follicles to balding areas without harvesting donor skin and thus leaves no linear scar. Austin FUE Surgeons are able to skillfully extract and transplant individual hair follicles, resulting in a full and natural look.

Austin Hair TransplantAll but five percent of men with hair loss are suffering from the effects of male pattern baldness. The market for over the counter and do it yourself hair loss treatments has exploded in recent years, yet nothing seems to quite work. You may find yourself discouraged about the prospects of reversing your hair loss after trying one or many of the “miracle cure” potions and shampoos.

It may be time to look to a more permanent solution and learn more about this minimally invasive Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant procedure from an Austin FUE Surgeon today.

The latest Surgical Hair Transplant technique available today, Austin FUE Surgeons are experienced at artfully reconstructing hairlines and filling in balding areas with donor follicles from the patient’s own head. FUE can also be used to restore thinning or over-plucked eyebrows as well as fill in patchy areas on the face and neck for a full and healthy looking beard.

What to Expect with Austin FUE

Prior to your FUE surgery, your doctor identifies several hundred hair follicles from your donor area that are healthy enough for transfer to your recipient area. On the day of your surgery, he or she administers a local anesthetic and then begins the hair follicle extraction process.

Some providers choose to use a one-millimeter circular punch attached to a robotic arm to speed up the process of individual follicle extraction. FUE does not leave you with a scar in either the donor or recipient area. The small circular marks you see from the punch will fade quickly.Follicular Unit Extraction Explained

Once your doctor has extracted all hair grafts, he or she creates microscopic slits in the areas to receive them. The final step is to implant each follicle according to the individual number of hairs it contains. With FUE surgery, this is never more than four hairs. Past hair transplant surgeries contained up to 12 hairs per follicle, which created an unnatural appearance in some patients.

Your doctor determines the normal angle of your hair growth and creates the slits accordingly. The process re-creates your hairline so it looks completely natural. Although the transplanted hair falls out within a few weeks, by six months you should have a full head of your own hair again.

Is Follicular Unit Extraction Right for You?

FUE does not involve any cutting or stitches, so you can return to your normal activities almost immediately. You can also drive yourself home after the procedure. Most patients who have had FUE consider the lack of scarring and fast recovery to be its major benefits.

Working with the same Doctor for several months gives you the opportunity to develop a close professional relationship with your Austin FUE Surgeon. You will see your doctor for several appointments prior to FUE surgery and then for follow-ups to monitor the progress of your new hair growth. Due to the long-term and personal nature of your treatment, it’s important to select a provider who you feel comfortable with and who fully supports your goal of re-growing your own natural hair. Feel free to take your time reading our directory until you find the right match for a doctor to perform your Follicular Unit Extraction in Greater Austin.

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